Health providers: YES, you can communicate instantly in over 40 languages.
English/Health students: YES, you CAN use English and  pronounce it as it should.
Non-English-speaking Health recipients: YES, you CAN communicate with health providers.
Health/English teachers: YES, you CAN teach and assess non-English speaking background students
the important vocabulary.
Non-English speaking background Health workers:
YES, you CAN communicate at work about work related subjects.

OYO is an Australian company that specialises in language tools that enable non-English speakers to communicate effectively with English speakers. Its easy format enables you to communicate comfortably with 90% of your non-English speaking and communication-challenged care recipients, in 90% of day-to-day interactions. We build bridges between people with no similar language and/or with communication problems. Our mission statement is to give everyone a voice!

Developed for health and education providers by health and education professionals who have knowledge and experience in communication with clients who have language difficulties.

Yes, we ALL can communicate in another language without having to remember the vocabulary!

At present our most popular tool comes in a big-print book form. It covers 1600 of the most commonly used words in the "care-industries", has 1000 matching illustrations and has been laid out for easy reference.

Each guide  covers English and ONE foreign language. The two way pronunciation allows people to pronounce English from their linguistic background or pronounce the foreign word from the English language perspective. EASY!!!

For each word you will get:
(1) the picture
(2) the English word
(3) pronunciation of the English word for the foreigner
(4) the foreign word
(5) pronunciation of the foreign word for the English speaker

The guide covers general and daily issues but also specialised areas such as: medication, diseases, immunisation, food, clinical procedures, documents, health problems, daily life, behaviour, childcare, civilities, emergency services and nursing care and  education.

No previous knowledge of foreign languages is required. The guide is also vey beneficial for travelers in foreign countries.

Dementia? speech impairment? hearing impairment? stroke? no-similar language?
we CAN communicate in English AND in forty languages……